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David James Searle art prints and posters

David James Searle is an artist whose works cover contradictory Sets of operation - from digital abstract Pop-Art to dark, menacing oil paintings. His motivations are divergent.

The digital abstractions are driven by a cold academic desire to create machine like volumes of potentials – robot-like he clicks on his machine to create colourful numbered possibilities.

The oil paintings are created by private or corporate commission only. They come from a completely opposing place - the darkest corners of the soul. These are passionate ravings, perversions and emotions splashed like spit and gore upon the canvas.

The Machine and the Animal are Isolates contained within protective Bubbles of Sub-Persona, awaiting the day of Intersection.

David has created art since his late teens but has until recently had no inclination to exhibit his works – in fact he has destroyed many of them over the years. His Destructions he feels to be the ultimate completion of the art cycle, without which creations lose their dynamism, becoming stagnant antitheses of everything Art is...

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