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Edmund John Niemann art prints and posters

Born in Islington, London, in 1813, Edmund Niemann was a painter of landscapes, sporting subjects and marine scenes. In 1839 he devoted his life to art, and settled in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, where he always painted out of doors. He went on to exhibit from 1844-72, at the Royal Academy, the British Institute and the Society of British Artists, in Suffolk Street.

He returned to London in 1848 for the foundation of the 'Free Exhibition' held in the Chinese Gallery at Hyde Park Corner. Later in 1850 this became the Portland Gallery, Regent Street, of which he became Secretary.

He often painted the scenery of the Thames and of the River Swale, near Richmond in Yorkshire. His paintings are characterised by great versatility, and his son, Edward H. Niemann, closely imitated his style. As a result, their work is often confused. Edmund Niemann died in 1876.