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Gathering Primroses, 1919

Art print by Edward Atkinson Hornel #213821

About the artist

Ernest Atkinson Hornel, of Scottish descent, was born in Victoria, Australia, in 1864. He moved back to Scotland with his father in 1866.

Hornel is primarily classified as a landscape painter of the Glasgow school, although he often included figures in his landscapes. The Glasgow School was a loose association of Scottish artists who rejected the conservatism of the Royal Academy and advocated plein-air painting instead.

Hornel’s early work had a strong Belgian influence but later he moved to a more decorative style, partly as a result of his travels to Japan with the artist George Henry, also of the Glasgow school. The series of pictures which he produced during this period is regarded as representing the essence of the Glasgow School.

Hornel’s work is included in collections in Bradford, Glasgow, Leeds and Liverpool. He died in 1933.

Edward Atkinson Hornel