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Dusk Walking

Art print by Emma Brownjohn #438171

About the artist

Brighton-based artist Emma Brownjohn studied at Camberwell College of Art and has since carved a successful career, showing her paintings across the globe from New York to Singapore. Emma endeavours to capture life's fleeting moments, ridding her work of associations with a particular time or place. She draws inspiration from all around, be it a line of a poem or a fluorescent jacket glimpsed amid the grey of the city, and then translates this to canvas through deft use of colour and harmonious composition. The result is beautiful artwork that delights the viewer.

Emma Brownjohn
Emma Brownjohn


Anonymous . Verified

4 months ago

Really nice piece of art. It's a subtle reminder of London without being too in your face e.g. no blatant images of Big Ben in the background. Love the work and the finish.