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Midsummer Downs

Framed art print by Faye Bridgwater
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Framed print, 62 x 62 cm

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Faye Bridgwater

The Artist

Faye Bridgwater

Contemporary landscape artist, Faye Bridgwater, is influenced by the Sussex coastline and the rolling hills of the South Downs. Explore the story behind Faye's work in her artist spotlight. She makes marks in her paintings using objects she finds on the beach, from fisherman's knots and driftwood to feathers and bottle tops. These tactile objects are used as tools, to make brushes or pens to print and scratch energetically into the paintings. Together with the loose, bold layers of paint, adding detail with impulsive pencil structured lines, the techniques produce expressive textured and flowing seascapes and landscapes. The paintings are familiar and timeless and conjure distant, comforting memories.

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