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Picking Berries

Art print by Frederick Morgan #430948

About the artist

As a member of the Royal Society of Painters in Oil, Frederick Morgan was renowned for his exquisite oil paintings of animals and children, as well as for his portraits.

He specialised in paintings of childhood adventures but perhaps his best known work was a canvas of Her Majesty Queen Alexandra and a number of her grandchildren, which was painted in 1902. These rich and sentimental paintings were very much to the Victorian taste of that time and were often reproduced as engravings and colour lithographs, such was their popularity.

Morgan was born into an artistically-gifted family in 1856 and lived at Aylesbury. He married the well-known landscape and genre painter Alice Mary Havers and he exhibited at the principal London galleries from 1865, mainly at the Royal Academy and also at Suffolk Street.

Like his contemporaries, Millais and Elsley, the sentimental work which Morgan was also able to produce ensured that he was much in demand by advertisers. Another of his best-known images was a colour lithograph for Bovril. Frederick Morgan died in 1927.

Frederick Morgan