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French Impressionist Prints

French Impressionism represents one of the most important periods in art history, with artists rejecting established forms of painting. By shifting their focus to landscapes and everyday life, and through painting outside so as to capture changing light patterns, the group developed a distinct style. Albeit one that caused considerable scorn when first exhibited. Indeed, the term 'impressionism' was initially used as a term of derision. However it was later adopted by the movement when Monet and peers exhibited their work in Paris in 1872 under the 'Impressionist' banner. Successive exhibitions saw the group's popularity rise and enjoy increasing critical acclaim. The movement would eventually spread beyond France and also develop into a myriad of different forms under the Post-Impressionist banner.

The work of Monet, Pissaro, Renior and Degas represents some of the most popular and sought after art today, with their works continuing to pack galleries and sell for mind-boggling prices. Our collection features many of the most recognisable works next to lesser know gems from this most impressive of movements.