Friedensreich Hundertwasser art prints and posters

Friedensreich Hundertwasse (1928-2000) was an Austrian-born artist and environmental activist, whose artistic vision was expressed in pictorial art, environmentalism, philosophy, architecture and the design of postage stamps, coins and flags!

His work utilised bright colours, organic forms, and a reconciliation of humans with nature. He wrote numerous manifestos, lectured and designed posters in favour of nature protection, against nuclear power, to save the oceans and the whales, and protect the rainforest.

Although Hundertwasse first achieved notoriety for his boldly-coloured paintings, he is more widely known for his individual architectural designs - he was fascinated by spirals and called straight lines “the devil’s tools”. His work used irregular forms and incorporates natural features, and is comparable to Antoni Gaudi in its biomorphic forms and use of tile.

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