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Lathyrus distoplatuphyllus hirsutus mollis

Art print by Georg Dionysus Ehret #426359

About the artist

George Ehret was a French artist whose favourite form of painting was still-life and who was one of the foremost botanical painters of all time.

Although best-known for his painting, he was also talented at sketching and engraving. His favourite compositions involved flowers and fruit.

He was born in 1710 and was apprenticed to a gardener. His artistic skill was obvious and he soon acquired wealthy patrons, which allowed him to travel across Europe painting botanical subjects.

Such was his success that he decided, in 1740, to move to London, where he lived in Chelsea. He worked from here and his best-known painting was commissioned for the Duchess of Portland. Ehret died in 1770.

Georg Dionysus Ehret