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Smugglers Moon

Art print by George Birrell | Limited edition of 875 #60261

About the artist

Born 1949, George studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1967-71. He taught art until 1985 and now is a full-time painter and lecturer. He has had many one-man shows where his work, which he describes as “The Scottish landscape in a celebration of light and colour”, is always in demand.

Birrell doesn't paint directly on the spot or from photographs, but improvises the essential memory of a place within the comfort of his studio. Aspects that attract him are harbours and their bric-a-brac, as well as mills and castles. Typical Birell paintings show clear and well-constructed composition with contrasting colours creating areas of light and shade, drawing the eyes into thescene.

George Birrell
George Birrell


Dolly K. Verified

It's a wonderful piece and even better than I expected in terms of the paper quality and tonal values. Equally satisfied with all my purchases to date. I do have issues with customer service but that's not for here.

G J. Verified

Image quality is fantastic, adds a real depth and warmth to the image. Excellent value. Looks excellent on our wall, lots of people have commented on it.