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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

George Birrell art prints and posters

Scottish artist George Birrell studied at the Glasgow School of Art between 1967-1971 and was invited to attend the legendary Hospitalfield School in his last year at art college.

Following his studies,he taught art and design in Scottish schools and art colleges, only starting painting full time in 1998. Since then, Birrell has regularly taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Scotland such as the Edinburgh and Fife Art Galleries, as well as having his work on display in London and New York.

George Birrell has an inherent interest in the architecture and landscape of his native Scotland and the spirit of the East Coast towns and fishing villages of Fife holds a special place in his heart, providing the primary inspiration for his work. Working predominantly with oils, a signature Birrell painting is stylised with saturated colours, vigorous brushstrokes and bold composition. The artist describes this as an emotional response to his memories.

Birrell doesn't paint directly on the spot or from photographs, but improvises the essential memory of a place within the comfort of his studio. Aspects that attract him are harbours and their bric-a-brac, as well as mills and castles. Typical Birell paintings shows a clear and well-constructed compositions with contrasting colours creating areas of light and shade, drawing the eyes into the small village.

George Birrell