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Art prints & frames, handmade in England

Glyn Martin art prints and posters

Artist Glyn Martin was born in Brighton in 1955. Glyn has been interested in painting as far back as he can remember, receiving his formal training in fine art at Brighton Polytechnic, the Norwich School of Art and finally at The University of East Anglia. Upon completing his studies, Glyn began working as an artist, specializing in watercolour.

Since 1983, Glyn and his brother Philip, who is also an artist, have travelled around Britain, capturing the much-loved towns and villages of the British Isles in greatly detailed watercolour paintings, which show a remarkable eye not just for natural landscapes, but also architectural detail.

Although best known for their depictions of Britain, the Martin brothers have travelled to America, France, Holland and Belgium. On top of all this travelling and painting, Glyn Martin has exhibited widely, with a large following amongst collectors of his watercolour paintings.

Glyn Martin currently lives and works in the scenic Devon countryside, while his brother Philip lives on the other side of the country in a farmhouse on the outskirts on Cambridge with his wife and children.

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