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Country House on Lake Atter, 1914

Art print by Gustav Klimt #436640

About the artist

Gustav Klimt was born near Vienna in 1862. He is noted for his sensuous and highly decorative portraits of the female form, in particular those adorned with gold leaf produced in the Golden Phase of his career.

Perhaps best known for the 1908 painting The Kiss, this collection puts his most recognisable paintings alongside lesser known works. Stunning landscapes, florals and portraits are imbued with colourful and decorative elegance.

Gustav Klimt
Gustav Klimt


Margaret R. Verified

I already have a Gustav Klimt print which I have had for a number of years.Having just moved house I thought it would look good in my kitchen but the space needed another one.I was delighted to find this print and both remind me of my years in Germany.The new print was packaged very well and I am very pleased with the outstanding presentation and workmanship.I will definitely be ordering more prints from this company. Sorry but I can't remember the code to get 20% off.