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Born in 1959, Dutch artist Hans Paus' paintings are inspired by the primal landscapes of his native region, Twente, and impressions from his global travels. Paus didn't start painting till he was nearly 30, but this didn't hamper his inherent passion for modern art, and it’s only been since 2005 that Paus has found the freedom to pursue his art professionally.

Characterized by neo-impressionism, Paus uses a range of techniques in his work, developing a recognizable style in which the principal aim is to catch and intensify the atmospheric landscapes with light and colour. Giving a contemporary twist to the traditional impressionistic style, Paus paints breathtaking spectacles of rich vast landscapes. A peaceful sensibility emanates from the linear division between land and the horizon in his paintings. But Paus is far from just a pretty picture painter – his quiet impressionistic dabs also reflects a darker and more passionate energy in his Scarlet Landscape series.

Paus paints with a “wet on wet” technique, where layers of wet paint are applied to previous layers of wet paint, a signature technique used by the medieval Dutch masters Jan Van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden. Despite the thick layers, Paus succeeds in giving the impression of a smoothly set up painting. During the process of painting, the passionate artist abstracts his landscapes in such a gradual manner that there is never a break between the original source and the newly created image.

Striving for a poetic intensity, Paus describes his paintings as being “optimistic, with a lust for life”. To date, Hans Paus has exhibited in various prestigious international galleries and his original paintings and limited editions are sold all over the world.

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