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The Pine Wood (Provence), 1906

Framed art print by Henri-Edmond Cross
Framed print, 51 x 62 cm

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The Artist

Henri-Edmond Cross

Henri-Edmond Cross (20 May 1856 – 16 May 1910) lived in Lille, a city in Northern France next to the Belgian border, for the majority of his childhood. Cross started painting at a very early age and studied at the formidable École des Beaux-Arts. In 1884 Cross co-founded the ‘Society of Independent Artists’ and befriended artists involved in the Neo-Impressionist movement. At first, Cross retained his dark Impressionist style but eventually he adopted Neo-Impressionism. His affinity with the moment extended beyond the painting style and adopted many of their political philosophies. Towards the end of his life Cross started experimenting with Pointillism and his works were instrumental in forming the principles of Fauvism and Cubism.
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