The Snail, 1953

Henri Matisse

The vibrancy and joyful colour of Matisse’s pictures epitomise the French 'joie de vivre', making him one of the best loved masters of modern art. Our Matisse collection reflects his diverse talent and includes abstracts, line art and cut-outs as well as rare posters from our Galerie Mourlot collection.
Image courtesy Galerie Mourlot, New York

Image courtesy Galerie Mourlot, New York

‘The Snail’, 1953, Henri Matisse

At first glance, there is nothing unusual about this colourful paper cut-out. But, look a little closer, and you’ll notice that French Fauvist Henri Matisse has positioned the pieces to mimic the spiral of a snail’s shell. Look closer still, and you’ll spot the silhouette of a teeny-tiny purple snail sliding along the top left hand corner…

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‘This is a whimsical and witty rendering of the humble snail which helps the viewer to s...’

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