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The Billy Boys

Art print by Jack Vettriano #66110

About the artist

Born in Fife in 1951, Jack Vettriano began painting at the age of twenty one. For more than twenty years his paintings have enjoyed worldwide acclaim and he is now regarded as one the most well-loved contemporary painters of our time.

Guaranteed as future classics, there is a cinematic quality to this collection of prints, hinting at narratives yet to unfold. Inspiring, romantic and timeless, add some grown-up glamour and nostalgia to your home.

Photograph by Richard Kalina.

Jack Vettriano
Jack Vettriano


Daniel D. Verified

9 months ago

I found choosing my items very easy and was able to edit the frames I wanted before making my final decision. I think the frame and quality of my picture was value for money and I would recommend this company to friends and colleagues.

Suzanne Z. Verified

King & McGaw are the best place for a fast, efficient and high quality service.

Julie B. Verified

Nice feature on wall. Purchased as a gift ,very happy with it. Wrapped securely. No issues.