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James Elliot art prints and posters

Born in 1972, James Elliot was raised in Indiana. Elliot has always been fascinated with creating art; he began drawing and painting at the young age of four. Growing up, he developed an intense appreciation for architecture and found himself immersed in the shapes of the world around him. Simple sketches of houses and buildings would later evolve and take the form of sophisticated structures and cityscapes.

Elliot finds his inspiration in the purest form of everyday life. Based on a strong belief in the true amazement of his time in history, the artist makes a conscious effort to consider and realise its value every day. His studies of the Renaissance era also had a significant effect on the artistic drive and innovation that originally sparked his interest in painting. He especially appreciates the work of Caravaggio and the contemporary Clemente. He recognises the underlying passion of these artists first and then the beauty of the painting itself.

Stories of colour and shape consume Elliot´s canvases. Complex layers of texture and linework are cleverly laid into place and ultimately result in a masterfully minimal piece of artwork. Whether abstract or representational, James´s pieces are rich with depth and overflowing with intensity. The artist´s concentration and passion for painting are evident in each spontaneously inspired design. His work is on the edge of the art world with inventive looks that are right at home in the arenas of the most up to date fashions and contemporaneous settings.

James Elliot considers his own work to be subjective and expressive. He believes that each painting tells a story; each piece is an opportunity to relate to the viewer on a fundamentally human level. In fact, Elliot has aspirations of stepping into the realm of teaching for the purpose of helping others to achieve their goals and make the necessary connections to the artistic expressions of their own.

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