Jemma Appleby

Jemma Appleby’s charcoal drawings amplify the simplicity of the environments they depict. Crisp and minimal, her work explores the interplay between light and shadow.

#1150421 – Limited edition lightbox by Jemma Appleby

Part of our Curated Editions collection New Mythologies, Jemma Appleby’s exquisite limited edition lightbox #1150421 is inspired by large, open and atmospheric architectural spaces. Learn more.

Jemma Appleby’s limited edition lightbox emitting light in a darkened room.

Curator Becca Pelly-Fry talks to Jemma Appleby about her artistic practice

Meet Jemma Appleby

Jemma Appleby in her London studio

Jemma Appleby in her London studio

Jemma Appleby’s exquisite charcoal drawings are so finely executed that they have a velvet-like quality to them. Find out more about her creative discipline and the limited edition lightbox ‘#1150421’ she’s made for our New Mythologies collection.

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