Jo Starkey art prints and posters

Jo comes from an artistic family background and initially trained to be a dancer. She grew up in a countryside environment, and has a great appreciation for nature and the countryside, which along with her passion for art, is what enthused her to become an artist. She predominently paints on silk, using mixed media, as she loves the translucent texture of silk which illuminates and projects colour and lends itself perfectly to her quirky animal paintings as the colours are so rich and vibrant which makes them very appealing to children.

Jo also paints contemporary floral and landscape scenes, featuring wild meadows and trees. Jo tries to depict the essence of nature and its magic into her paintings, which are created using mixed media on silk. She uses the silk as a canvas and build up layers using lots of different materials, which gives it a three dimensional effect. This is a process that she has developed over time and it really lends itself to the scenery that Jo paints and injects life into her paintings.

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