Jocelyn Forveille art prints and posters

I introduce you some some of my paintings, watercolours and acrylics, in most cases on the topic of the sea. Born in Nantes on March 29th, 1968, i lived to in the age of 23 years. I left then for Brittany, more precisely for Morbihan.

I remained in Pontivy to in on 1999 then I went to Pluvigner where I always domicile. Enthralled by the drawings since my youngest childhood, i been able to exploit some means by performing a C.A.P. of glass-blower to make some very beautiful stained glass windows. I worked on the table of drawings.

After a passage of 19 years in the service of the nation, I go back to civil life and I am going to be able to devote myself a little more to my passion, painting.

My favourite technology is the acrylic, although some time disappointed by certain quality of painting, she is really easy to work and allows some excellents returned with deep and intense colours. I also put on in the watercolour for a try, but i prefer the acrylic.

I invite you to a visit.

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