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Ultra Fat Face Abstract

Framed art print by Julia Trigg
Framed print, 62 x 50 cm

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Julia Trigg

The Artist

Julia Trigg

Julia Trigg is an English artist, based in Brighton UK, who graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 1989 with an MA in Graphic Design. She collects vintage ephemera and uses it to create richly coloured, contemporary fine art prints and collages, full of authentic detail. For example: old transport tickets, packaging, ham radio cards, stamps, cricket scoreboard numbers, sheet music covers and antique etchings. Explore the story behind Julia Trigg's work in her artist spotlight.

For the past 10 years, Julia has established a reputation for passionately creating typographic ephemera prints, usually featuring antique or woodblock type, alongside vintage decorative devices. She generally works digitally, as she can’t bear to cut up the original ephemera, so she scans the items, capturing all the original qualities and imperfections. Julia then constructs playful, graphic and contemporary compositions, which often focus on cropped, enlarged details. The fantastic textures of the paper, intense colours and intriguing snippets of text and image take on an abstract form, so it is possible to see the elements in a new, fresh light, which is what she loves about it. 

Julia has exhibited in galleries locally, at prestigious London art fairs and as far afield as South Korea. She was particularly proud to be featured in the Canadian inspirational ‘Uppercase’ magazine. She has had work published internationally as posters and greetings cards and has fun spotting her prints as props in TV shows.

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