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Kenneth Akein art prints and posters

Philip Ejeta is a bachelor degree holder in international politics from the University of East London. He has been fascinated by works of art since his primary school days.Some 30 years ago, his ambition was to become a painter or sculptor, but such ambition was dwarfed by his parents, who did not think that a university degree in Sculpture or Fine Art was an academic achievement. He was also aware that the African society was enormously blessed in respect of artists, especially with illiterate sculptors who could carve images from stone and wood, and that African artists were socially marginalised.His ambition and love for Art did not take him beyond college level. However, his love of art remained with him and, since 1995, he has actively engaged himself in collecting paintings and sculptures.Admirers of his collections have always geared him to be part of the main stream art world, which make a meaningful contribution of Afr

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