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Going to Work

Art print by L S Lowry #433229

About the artist

Lowry was born in Stretford, Lancashire in 1887, and is best known for his industrial landscapes of the north of England. Peopled with "matchstick men", his paintings were - and remain - a totally unique strand of European art.

Bursting with life and activity, there is huge appeal in these prints; they look wonderful framed simply and are perfect for traditional or contemporary homes alike.

L S Lowry
L S Lowry


Fiona D. Verified

11 months ago

I was delighted with the quality of the print. It was great value for money.

Annie H. Verified

Just received my Lowry print today.. Its fab!! the quality is excellent and I cannot wait to have it framed and get it on my wall. I will definitely order more prints for myself and my friends.

Jonathan S. Verified

The picture really met my expectations. Great quality print and frame.

Sue L. Verified

I ordered these 2 prints at the same time, unframed. They are printed on different quality paper which I hadn't appreciated when ordering but this doesn't seem to have made any difference when they are framed and hanging side by side. Also one had the name of the piece written underneath with print details along the bottom, the other one had nothing. They are also slightly different sizes. I would warn customers to be very careful about ordering the correct size as it was quite easy to make a mistake. Due to our excellent local framer, the frames are exactly the same size and adjustment was made by varying the mounts. He also wrote the names of the works on the back for clarity though there is really no problem telling which is which! It would have been nice if both prints had the name of the work on the bottom and could be seen once framed. The prints were chosen by my son and daughter in law as our wedding present to them and now hang in pride of place in their lovely house in Gateshead. Well done Lowry! Overall not a cheap purchase especially once the framing is taken into consideration, but this is a once in a lifetime event and hopefully they will get a great deal of pleasure from them for many years to come.

Paul R. Verified

Nice quality print that is very good value for money compared with a well known department store. Would certainly consider purchasing another print.

Mark H. Verified

The large canvas prints hangs nicely on the wall and has become a focal point. The canvas is fitted over a good sturdy wooden frame preventing the canvas sagging. For value of money - was a bargain compared to similar and identical prints sold in a well known store.

Shaun B. Verified

Love the colours

Tim S. Verified

in my opinion the features and quality of the print are outstanding.a great product that is reasonably priced.

Tim D. Verified

Very pleased with the picture, great quality just what I hoped for