Manuela Metra art prints and posters

"About me: Alice in Wonderland, and this completes my description .... I have always called so, because I live in a world of wonders. In my job is beauty, I deal with fine arts and artistic photography. The arts are my constant thought, the engine of my existence. I do art photography, fine arts teach I deal with personal branding and of course create works of art as any self-respecting artist." The interest in art brings Manuela Metra studying painting and illustration at the European Institute of Design, and deepen sculpture and ceramics at the International School of Ceramics La Meridiana. Following Manuela take a diploma in Painting with a thesis on the color field of Helen Frankenthaler, at the Academy of Fine Arts San Luca, Anthroposophical oriented. Complete the path with a master in Art for the company at the graduate school and the art therapy Cinnabar, always Anthroposophical guidance. Finally, the need to communicate with images her work led the artist to study photography at the Academy Kaverdash, with a master's degree in portrait and a master of Still Life. L 'Artist deals with adult education by organizing courses and paths through art, with innovative methods inspired by the contribution made by Rudolf Steiner for the renewal of the arts and skills maieutic. Manuela cooperates with the Academy of Fine Arts with keynote, with individuals and companies. Art for Metra Manuela is a process that will complete and enrich the individual as a human being. "What prompts me to take a picture? How to Medardo Rosso, for me, photography is an extension of my work, it expresses the exact way in which it is to be seen, under which light and atmosphere in which the soul must be seen. It expresses my point of view, as the opera was created. Photography is the witness who says there, I saw, this is important, in a world of silence and indifference, testifies the existence of the artistic work, the work done in the Atelier. The photograph testifies l'Atelier as a place of truth. By extension, for me, every shoot, witnesses my point of view, and, says, this thing must be viewed with caution, it is important at all, because it is important for me. Use an old Hasselblad film and candid natural light, meditative shots for a long time, I like to work in this way, just so soul emerges on the surface and can be removed so heard. I'm not a photographer, I am an artist who also uses the camera as a tool."

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