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Marian Kessler art prints and posters

Artist Marian Kessler has a simple directive for her craft: "There are two moments that I live for as an artist; when I finish a piece – when I’ve made something lovely and thought-provoking that didn’t exist a few hours before, and when other people see that piece, and respond to it in ways that I, as its maker, could never imagine."

She credits her sense of colour to growing up in the spectacular landscapes of northern New Mexico. Marian Kessler developed a deep-rooted love of different artistic media from the patchwork of cultures in the American Southwest. Her intricate mixed media collages are influenced by her interests in archaeology and folk art, science and myth, as well as a strong belief in the validity of fine craft as an art form. She combines various decorative elements such as handmade papers, embossed metals, and braided tassels and then adds an overlay of adornment with dazzling glass and ceramic beadwork. The fusion results in an ornate display of sophisticated workmanship that is sincere and full of life.

"Fine artists – those working in painting, sculpture, drawing, and printing – have only considered themselves separate from craft artisans for the last few hundred years," she notes, "and even then, only in Western European cultures. For the rest of the world, and the rest of human history, people have been making art out of every material they could possibly use."

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