Stone Circle

Framed art print by Martin Hill
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Framed print, 44 x 62 cm

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Martin Hill

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Martin Hill

Martin Hill and Philippa Jones have collaborated to make their internationally popular land art since 1994. Hill’s photographs of their ephemeral sculptures have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, and Europe and are published and collected widely. Awards include Pingyao International Photography Festival China, Arte Laguna Venice, and a FAPA award. Explore the story behind Martin and Philippa's work in their artist spotlight.
The Fine Line Project begun 1995 is near completion. 12 ephemeral sculptures made on high points connected by a line encircling Earth. Their art displays great peace and poetry. The basic purpose of the work is to put people in touch with the interconnected and interdependent reality of nature and the wonder of its cyclical operating system. They address threatening and potentially overwhelming questions about the future of Earth’s ecology and climate through installations and images of great stillness and simplicity. Hill and Jones’ sculptural forms harness the very processes they wish to encourage: they are made from natural materials found at the site and soon return to nature to become a resource for new life. All that remains are Hill’s photographs. In this way the art is a metaphor for nature’s regenerative design. The sculptures in this collection use the circle as a motif not only because of its visual power but because it is a universal symbol of the circle of life. The created images are beautiful and symbolically demonstrate Nature’s circular systems and sustainable design. With a deepening understanding of the vulnerability of life on a planet so dangerously changed by linear human systems, the release of this series is timely.

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