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MIke Bell art prints and posters


Inspired by 30 years living and working on the Northumberland coast and now in the wilds of Redesdale, near Scottish Borders. Fascinated by patterns of sand on beach, piles of seaweed/driftwood order and chaos together. Images I create use a wide range of materials, sand, soil coal dust, driftwood are often embedded in paint surface[Antonio Tapies been Favourite for long time] I want paintings to be as natural as possible. Rarely use brush but finger, knife, trowel, sand, spray paints plus lots of builders materials to create impasto surfaces. Experimenting with Holographic foils in paint to simulate wonderful light in Northumberland. Moving to Redesdale I have been inspired and become aware of the interaction of man and nature, in the Otterburn Ranges military roads, bunkers and old tanks contrast with crags, quarries, moorland and forest to create a wonderful tapestry at different times of year. Rock strata, strange cloud formations, moody sunsets, reflections in rivers and Lakes have me rushing for sketch book or camera. "The Land of Far Horizons" Northumberland has light which enhances the tactile quality of the landscape no matter what the season. I hope my work stimulates a wide range of perceptions and feelings for this "Land of Far Horizons" Other influences/artists I admire include Turner, John Blockley, Andy Goldsworthy, Cezanne, Tapies and many more.

Exhibit in galleries in UK,USA,Canada,& Germany & online

Mb 2014

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