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San Francisco

Framed art print by MMC Maps
Framed print, 63 x 48 cm

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The Artist

MMC Maps

MMC Maps have been created by husband and wife team Benedict and Katharine Stenning to celebrate the places that have captured their hearts and imaginations. Maps can show us a lot, from where we want to go, how to get there and where we’ve been, but more than that they can show how we relate to everything around us and give us a sense of belonging. Whether it’s somewhere where you have explored every nook and cranny of the labyrinth-like streets on a wonderful getaway, somewhere you are from or you simply love where you live, these circular map prints will celebrate your love for that place and look stunning hanging on the wall of wherever in the world you now call home.

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About us
We started out as a small screenprinter in a Brighton basement. Today we've grown to a factory and design studio in Newhaven. Headed by founder Gyr King, we have a simple ethos to bring inspiring, affordable art to everyone.
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