Niagara Detroit art prints

The artwork of Niagara Detroit is instantly recognised for its colourful, comic book style women. Often armed with guns and spouting heated, provocative words, Niagara’s women are feisty, outspoken and drop-dead gorgeous.

Niagara started out at art school in the University of Michigan in the 70s before going on to form two bands. Destroy All Monsters, known as DAM to fans and Dark Carnival formed with the drummer and guitarist of the Stooges both went on to achieve international cult status. Throughout her musical career, Niagara produced all of the album artwork and promotional material for her bands and other acts.

By the 1990’s Niagara was displaying her work around galleries and cafes in Detroit and by 1997 gained national recognition for her art following two sell out shows at the Detroit Gallery. By 2006 she had worldwide fame with exhibitions in the Manchester, Sydney and Tokyo. She also collaborated with Vans designing the artwork for 7 unique pairs of trainers - the collection was launched in Paris.

Niagara Detroit recently hit the headlines again as the inspiration for Kate Moss’s first stint as honorary fashion editor for British Vogue in March 2014.

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