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Glenkerry House

Framed art print by Oscar Francis
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Framed print, 62 x 47 cm

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Oscar Francis

The Artist

Oscar Francis

Sarah Evans founded Oscar Francis in 2013. A qualified architect, Sarah worked in the industry for 15 years before diversifying into architecturally inspired prints and textiles- explore the story behind her work in her artist spotlight.
Sarah takes typical examples of modern and classic British architecture and re-imagines them in stunning prints and patterns. Her debut range, Pattern Architecture, combines a passion for architecture and a fascination with the home in its many guises. While some designs are decorative, such as Victorian from her Terrace collection, others celebrate derided and unappreciated architecture, for example the 1960s tower block.
Featured everywhere from Homegirl London and Confessions of a Design Geek, to Good Homes and Grand Designs magazine, Oscar Francis prints are becoming a staple for design fanatics. Bold and geometric shapes combine with a rich colour palette in a truly modern exploration of architecture and pattern.

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About us
We started out as a small screenprinter in a Brighton basement. Today we've grown to a factory and design studio in Newhaven. Headed by founder Gyr King, we have a simple ethos to bring inspiring, affordable art to everyone.
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