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Ps.ILoveNed art prints and posters

Ps.ILoveNed is created by Swedish/German/Norwegian princess Pauline Reuss & Swiss/English Sasha Buckman, two optimistic dreamers with one real vision..Ned! They like to describe Ned as a universal, multi-lingual thought within a human form, made locally, from black & white and all knobbly knees! Ps.ILoveNed is most famous for his appearance on t-shirts and bags from Topshop, and now he is also available as prints.

Pauline and Sasha met for the first time in Switzerland 1995, where they immediately became best friends. After several years, Pauline had done a BA in Public Art and Design, became an assistant to an Interior Designer in Boston, USA, and completed a Masters degree in Production Design in Rome. Sasha had competed in dance, studied Music and sang in a band. Pauline embarked on a career in films working as a freelance Production Designer , meanwhile Sasha became Maitre d' in a top restaurant, juggling work with her new-found love for writing songs. All things combined, settled back in London, and many many hours and sketches later, Ps.ILoveNed was created.

The girls first client turned out to be Topshop, where Ned was featured in their Fairtrade range on tshirts and bags. A year later, Clinton Cards showed interest and Ned got his own range of greeting cards! Today, Ps.ILoveNed independently design, print and distribute everything themselves and are planning on releasing a whole bunch of new merchandise- giftwrap, post-its, giftbooks and cartoons....

Ned has a human form, but the idea is that he should be seen as a universal, multi-lingual thought, where the focus is on all the little trivial things in life that makes one happy, and what makes us all come together!

Humorous art and art with inspiring messages, often in the form of word art and cartoons, is a fast growing trend within interior design and art. Ps.ILoveNed is an excellent example of how this trend has taken form.

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