Samantha Baguley art prints and posters

A self-taught artist, I've been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember. I've worked as a pet porttrait painter for over twenty years, amongst various office and waiting-on jobs, but have finally decided to be brave and see where my art takes me by painting whatever I fancy.

I love colour and vibrancy in paintings, and am interested in exploring how different colour spectrums work together to form a palette. Although I'm naturally more of a realist artist, I'm trying to let go of my caution and paint in a more instinctive way, while also remembering that sometimes the detail you leave out of the painting is as important as that which you include. To me, art should be a visual mood-enhancer, something to lift your heart and soul.

I'm influenced by artists such as Mucha, John Singer Sargeant, Klimt, Shawn Barber, and Munnings, to name a few, but often it depends what mood I wake up in!

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