Simon Pope art prints and posters

Simon Pope is completely self taught, buying his first camera at the age of 19 and learning greatly by trial and error. Further experience was gained working in Commercial Studios and Darkrooms in London. During this time he worked solely in black and white, taking pictures of the run down buildings of East London and the grand buildings of the City of London. While walking around he came across kids playing on the streets and started to incorporate pictures of these kids into his portfolio. This work resulted in an exhibition in the Midlands entitled City Kids which was reviewed in the Guardian newspaper and three of the pictures made centre feature in the British Journal of Photography. He also had work used by Time Out magazine during this period.

He now lives in the West Country, and has switched to digital ,which he says is an amazing liberation, giving the photographer total control of the creative process. He works solely in colour, selling his prints in local Galleries and is currently exploring more abstract work.

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