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Art prints & frames, handmade in England

William Cunningham art prints and posters

Born in Belfast in 1946, William Cunningham's career as a full-time artist did not begin until 1978.

After his education at the London Universities, William Cunningham began lecturing in social administration at the University of Ulster. However, he soon decided to take up painting and, although he had painted from an early age, the widespread acceptance of his work and increasing artistic recognition were the factors that brought about his change in profession. His first exhibition was held in 1978 at a leading gallery in Wales. Since then William Cunningham has never looked back and has been exhibiting every year.

His work can be described as realistic, although his oils have a distinct impressionist quality. William Cunningham is fascinated by the interplay of light and shade, which can be seen in the subtly related colour of his landscape paintings. The peace and serenity of his images continue to attract an ever-widening circle of collectors and admirers.

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