Denise Duplock art prints and posters

Inspired by colour, pattern and texture, Denise Duplock's canvases represent a contemporary definition of nature.

After graduating from the West Sussex College of Design in England, Duplock worked in New York for a brief period before moving back home to the UK. Employing a minimal palette of earthy colours, predominantly made up of olive greens, brown, sand and greys, Duplock's expressive abstract pieces and serene silkscreen prints imbue the viewer with a sense of tranquillity and balance.

Duplock derives inspiration from nature, the environs of her current seaside residence in Hove and her travels around the world. This is evidenced in paintings such as Marine Stripes, where lines of greens and aquamarine blues lay across the canvas horizontally in a perfect harmonious balance. The painting also comes in red-brown toned version called Terracotta Stripes. Other paintings, such as Circa, Como and Cibonne combine layers of sharply and precisely defined spherical shapes onto planes of vertical strips. The series titled Maidenhair Coco Stem features a negative and positive silkscreen of a fern in red and brown, whilst Fistral Nero Blanco III depicts contrasting black and white swirling patterns. Indeed, Duplock’s other works such as Poppet, Pip and Dotto channel and echo the 1950s aesthetic of that other design diva, the Irish designer Orla Keily.

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