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Hint of Blue

Art Print by Lesley Birch

About the artist

Lesley Birch was born in Glasgow in 1958. Today, she lives in Yorkshire, where she can be found painting and sketching outside before completing her works in her studio. Her work has been exhibited in galleries across Scotland and the UK, including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Interested in conveying feeling and emotion, Lesley’s paintings are notable for their sense of atmosphere and timelessness. She finds inspiration in the landscape and her responses to it, be it the wild West Coast of Scotland, the remote Yorkshire Moors, Ireland, Cornwall or Italy. Using the landscape as a starting point, her memory and imagination then takes over.

The resulting art prints are stunning interpretations of British landscapes that make beautiful additions to the home.

Lesley Birch
Lesley Birch


Ms H. Verified

1 month ago

Hung in my office allowing me to explore a place beyond the four walls....