Luca Brandi art prints

Luca Brandi was born in Florence in 1961, and from the early age of ten was to be found assisting the artist Romolo Prati in the painting of religious icons onto panels in churches all over the city. From 1983 under the instruction of the abstract painter, Paolo Galletti, he learnt about the decomposition of form within geometric painting and the use of colour, and in 1983 went on to have his first solo exhibition at the Dada Gallery in Florence. Luca’s painting career spans over thirty years, with over twenty solo exhibitions across Europe. He specialises in textural often large scale abstract paintings, and the quality of the materials are key to his work - from the distinctive metallic paints, to the heavy handmade paper. Luca continues to live and work in Florence. His works are found in both private and public collections in Italy and abroad.

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