Drift with Me

Framed limited edition by Rosco Brittin
#471464 — Limited edition of 125
Framed print, 71 x 53 cm

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Rosco Brittin

The Artist

Rosco Brittin

Born and bred in a video shop in Kings Cross in the 1980s, Rosco Brittin’s artistic oeuvre is remarkably eclectic. Once the jocular frontman of a rock and roll band, he recently traded the mic for scalpels and nail scissors to craft his draw-droppingly imaginative collages. Inspired by nature, classical paintings, and fantasy universes, his painstakingly intricate work is beautifully executed, leading some to distinguish it as the moment “When special F/X and paper first meet”.

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We started out as a small screenprinter in a Brighton basement. Today we've grown to a factory and design studio in Newhaven. Headed by founder Gyr King, we have a simple ethos to bring inspiring, affordable art to everyone.
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