Andy Barker

An unsung hero of the art world, Andy Barker was for many years the sole studio assistant to Howard Hodgkin, since 1995, a position he held until the artist’s death in 2017. Andy describes himself as a narrative painter and invariably uses oil paint and collage, along with other mixed media, to explore formal concerns of the picture plane.

Andy Barker‘s limited edition print, ‘Underneath the Singing Tree’
Detail of Andy Barker‘s limited edition print, ‘Underneath the Singing Tree’

‘I saw that tree every time I accompanied Howard to Mumbai – six years in a row. It was only later, when he died, that I decided to make a painting of it and call it ‘The Singing Tree’.’

Andy Barker

As Howard Hodgkin’s studio assistant for over 22 years, Andy Barker accompanied him on several trips to his beloved India. We chat to him about his experiences with the late artist and a new Limited Edition print inspired by a tree he spotted from Hodgkin’s balcony.

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