Imprimerie Arnéra Archives

When master printmaker Hidalgo Arnéra began collaborating with Pablo Picasso in his print studio in the Côte d’Azur, many more notable artists flocked to work with him. From the 1950s onwards, Imprimerie Arnéra welcomed Picasso’s muse and artist Françoise Gilot, as well as the artist André Brasilier, and the celebrated actor Jean Marais to name a few.

Today the surviving lithographs and printer proofs–which were originally used to promote contemporary exhibitions–have become coveted collectors’ pieces. To preserve them for posterity, our specialist framer has presented them in fully-archival, bespoke frames that perfectly complement these historic pieces.

Imprimerie Arnéra Archives

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Picasso and Imprimerie Arnéra

When the famed Spanish artist moved from Paris to Provence in the 1940s, he met talented printmaker Hidalgo Arnéra. Together, they pushed the boundaries of the medium, turning it into a true art form.

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