Wilma Stone art prints

Wilma Stone is a UK-based artist, working with a range of mediums - clay, paper, found objects, film and print. In a unique practice, which both supports and subverts the contemporary and traditional, Wilma creates art which is as challenging as it is beautiful.

Heavily engaged in the street art and urban culture scene, it was Stone's original ceramics of obsolete urban artifacts, which saw her rise to prominence in 2008 through the Modart movement - a collective of influential urban contemporary artists. Stone went on to graduate with a degree in ceramics and build a body of exciting, postmodern work, which has exhibited in galleries across the UK, as well as internationally.

Travel is an important creative element for Stone and it was during a residency in Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of the world, that Stone embarked on a unique project - Shechina, on which these profound limited editions are based. To discover more about this collection - read our interview with Wilma <a href="/loves/post/meet-wilma-stone">on our blog</a>.

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