Some Poems of Jules Laforgue by Patrick Caulfield (complete portfolio)

Some Poems of Jules Laforgue by Patrick Caulfield (complete portfolio)

Some Poems of Jules Laforgue Ed. C 1973, complete portfolio of 22 screenprints by Patrick Caulfield. Acquired from the archive of the publisher Petersburg Press. 

This set includes twenty-one-unsigned prints, identical to the signed edition, and one print (Ah! This life is so everyday) signed by the artist but not numbered, and aside from the edition. The unsigned prints are the only authorized unsigned prints in existence of the Edition C portfolio. The prints are unbound and complete with original leather portfolio box. This portfolio of 22 screenprints illustrates 12 poems by Jules Laforgue. 

In the late 1960s, when Patrick Caulfield was invited to make a set of screenprints for a limited edition book, he chose the subject matter of the poetry of Jules Laforgue. Caulfield had greatly admired the poetry of Laforgue since his days as a student at the Royal College of Art. Laforgue was born in Motevideo in 1860, but in 1876 moved to Paris where he died in 1887. Laforgue's poetry, at the same time romantic and ironic, was an important influence on such later poets as T.S.Eliot. About the screenprints, Caulfield said: 'The images I produced are complementary images, not illustrations. Some of the connections are a bit tenuous, others are obvious. I tried to image what Laforgue might have been looking at when he thought of the poems, knowing, of course, that certain of the images are totally of another period to Laforgue's lifetime: poetic licence with poetic license'. (p.9, 'Patrick Caulfield, The Poems of Jules Laforgue', Arts Council Collection, 1995) 

Medium: Twenty-two screenprints and portfolio box Paper- Neobond synthetic paper 

Print dimensions: Image 40 x 35 cm , Paper 61 x 56 cm 

Edition: 100 + 20 proofs, The screenprints also appear in Edition A book (Edition 200+20 proofs) and Edition B book (Edition 200+20 proofs) The book edition includes 12 poems of Jules Laforgue. The text in Edition A is English, and in B is French. 

Printer: Proofed at Advanced Graphics, London; printed at Frank Kicherer, Stuttgart Portfolio 

Box: Rudolf Rieser, Cologne 

Publisher: Petersburg Press 

Condition: The portfolio box is in excellent condition, with one small scuff on the front of the box. The screenprints are in excellent condition with occasional signs of handling and some crackling due to age. Please enquire for further details. 
Shipping price available on request. International shipping not included.

Size: 57 x 63 cm


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