We catch up with Brighton based painter Faye Bridgwater to celebrate the launch her floral print collection

Known for her radiant abstract landscape paintings inspired by glowing sunsets over the South Downs and the calming Sussex Coastline, Faye Bridgwater has been busy diversifying her artistic oeuvre with stunning and uplifting florals.

We catch up with Faye to find out about the projects that she’s been working on since we last spoke, Brighton’s creative community, artistic flow, and of course, the three new floral prints that have joined her collection.


Q: Hi Faye, it’s great to catch up! Can you tell us about some of the projects you’ve been working on since your last visit?

A: I’ve been involved in some really amazing projects, one of them being a sculpture trail here in Brighton for the charity Martlets. I painted florals on a massive Shaun the Sheep that I named Bloom, it raised a record breaking £25,000, which completely blew me away. It’s amazing to think of all the money raised for the charity, and it was pretty cool to meet FatBoy Slim – who is the ambassador of Martlets.

I’ve also had exhibitions with Artist Open Houses and Glyndebourne, given talks to local schools, and held a course with St Ives School of Painting. I’ve also brought out a new product called Sketch Squares, to help artists create!

Faye with ‘Bloom’ the sheep

Q: You produce the paintings in each of your collections in unison, developing them as a whole body of work. Do you find your ideas evolve with each collection?

A: I love working on a collection altogether, intensively for three to four months. I find these works relate to each other, almost like brothers and sisters, influencing one another and evolving together.

The best thing about working this way is that I can keep my marks loose and free. I find if I just work on one painting at a time, the brush strokes become tentative and I overthink them whereas if I’m working on a whole body of work, moving between them, it keeps the energy in the paintings. 

Q: You live in the vibrant and creative seaside town of Brighton – how does it inspire you, and is there a strong sense of community amongst artists?

A: The thing I love most about living here in Brighton is the support all the creatives give to each other. We share tips and framers, accountants, go for walks and see exhibitions together.

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by other creatives who look at the world with the same eyes. It’s nourishing and energising, and also very useful with more practical things when you need to bounce ideas around. In the surrounding roads from my home there’s photographers, potters, jewellery makers, painters, fashion designers, musicians, actors and writers. I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by such talent and inspiration.

Q: Back at university you studied sculpture, do any of the lessons or techniques gained during your time there still inform your practice?

A: If only I could remember university, I must admit I had rather a lot of fun! I made incredible connections up at Sheffield Hallam, and like the collections I work on now, I had the same principle of working solidly on a project for three to four months – starting with an idea, exploring it, letting it grow, researching, creating and discovering. It was an informative time, although I don’t miss those group crits! I really want to produce some large sculptures, there’s many up in my head for later in my career.

‘As an artist you’re always learning new ways of expressing yourself and painting for me is an absolute joyful experience.’

Q: Your paintings are so joyful and expressive, when did you first develop your distinctive style?

A: It’s been developing over the last four to five years, I think it’s still developing now. As an artist you’re always learning new ways of expressing yourself and painting for me is an absolute joyful experience. That feeling of mixing paint and the brush on the canvas, you can’t beat it!

Inspire Me and Fill Me Up

Q: Your new works are the first florals to join your King & McGaw collection. Could you tell us more about these uplifting pieces?

A: I’m very much known for my bold, vibrant landscapes. One day I was working away on them and quite intuitively turned the canvas upside down and started painting florals. It was a surprise to me, a wonderful surprise! I’m no botanist, but I have thousands upon thousands of photos of foliage and flowers, their joyful pops of colour and the shapes are so appealing. 

When I paint my landscapes, it’s with long, sweeping brush strokes. My florals are almost like a close-up, within the landscape, and my brush marks are a bit more dippy dabby! My body, arm and hand move differently as I work on them and they are full of uplifting, radiant energy!

Joyful Gathering, Faye Bridgwater
Playtime, Faye Bridgwater

Q: Your Instagram offers insights into your life, such as home renovations, moments of joy in the everyday and of course daily doses of creative content. How does this process play into your work? 

A: I document everything! This all feeds into my paintings, it could be that first snowdrop poking up, or an appealing rusty sign, it all gets photographed! I love taking people on the full journey while I’m painting a collection. It’s lovely to have the support along the way, plus, when I meet collectors they feel at ease with me as they know who I am. 

Us artists spend a lot of our time on our own in the studio, so sharing our thoughts and daily life brings discussion, often with people all around the world!

Gentle Giants, Faye Bridgwater

Q: What exciting projects lay ahead for you in 2024 and beyond? 

A: I’m so excited to have this floral release with King and McGaw. These new works really will bring a celebration of florals into people’s spaces. 

I’ll be opening my home and studio again for Artist Open Houses the first two weekends of May, with a new collection of original paintings. I’ve been invited into a massive barn for South East Open Studios in Kent, and so far I have two school visits booked, where I’ll be encouraging students with their art practice. 

I’m also giving myself some time to experiment and play, which is incredibly important for developing new ideas. I’m taking a few different courses and experimenting with new materials and methods. 

Being an artist, you never know what email or call is around the corner so I’m sure there will be other projects and exhibitions I’ll be involved with, but 2024 looks exciting already!

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