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Projekt 26 are Polish Poster specialists with a passion for sharing the bold, beautiful mid century graphics which emerged from Communist Poland. The cultural posters designed in the Polish People’s Republic are some of the most unique and meaningful ever created.

The Polish School of Poster artists, as they became known, never stopped fighting for the freedoms they believed in, but did so with beauty, humour and storytelling. Whilst their work won international awards and is held in major art museums around the world, the artists themselves remain relatively unknown.

Help support their legacies by adding a Limited Edition print from Projekt 26’s curated collection to your walls.


Soulful and witty: Projekt 26 and the Polish School of Posters

A small but impactful group of designers belong to the Polish School of Posters, a ground-breaking art movement established in the wake of the Second World War. We examine the joyful – and truly original – designs salvaged by expert Polish poster experts Projekt 26.

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