Orbit within the Echoes – Limited edition

Orbit within the Echoes – Limited edition

Candida Powell-Williams

Size: 55 x 55 cm

Limited edition handmade circular plywood frame with 3D laser-cut figures by Candida Powell-Williams

‘The edition began as a preparatory study for a performance piece called Orbit within the Echoes which was live at Whitechapel Gallery’s Nocturnal Creatures event and at Capel Manor Gardens in summer 2021. The performance of 5 dancers in a garden drew inspiration from the history and design of labyrinths and their association with dancing. It referenced the ways in which movement in these spaces has been written and represented across different cultures, including the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Native Americans, Japanese and English. 

The choreography mirrored the myth of Ariadne’s dance as described in Homer’s Iliad, taking the form of a ring, exploring hypnotic coiling and repetitive gestures. At times, the dancers condensed into one amorphous pulsating being playing with symmetry and group mechanics and, at others, the dancers explored simple acrobatic movements, twisting and knotting together. Tangling and untangling their bodies in space, they used perpetual motion and kaleidoscopic patterns to explore how movement can be meditative. A sound track composed of synthesised recordings of handmade bells and birdsong accompanied the performances.’ – Candida Powell-Williams

Limited edition of 6 published by King & McGaw in collaboration with independent curator Becca Pelly-Fry as part of the collection New Mythologies in 2022

Comes with a certificate signed and numbered by the artist

Note that this is a bespoke hand-made object. The lead-time is longer to accommodate this


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