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Art prints & frames, handmade in England since 1982

Before you start gather everything you need to fit your frame and give yourself a nice flat surface to work on. If you are not using a mount skip straight to fitting your print.

Lay your picture and frame out on a flat surface

Attaching your mount

If your picture is smaller than the frame and you’re using a mount, we recommend attaching it using T-Hinges. T-Hinges consist of an adhesive paper strip, part attached to the back of the upper edge of the artwork. This is in turn, is held in place on the mount-board by a longer overlapping strip.

  1. Place your artwork face down on a clean flat surface.

  2. Tear off two 50mm strips of adhesive tape (three if you have a large print), remove the backing and attach to the top rear edge of your artwork as shown. Tearing is preferable to a cut edge, as is less likely to show on the face side of your artwork.

    Attach adhesive tape to the rear of your image
  3. Turn the artwork over and carefully position the mount over and gently press down.

    Turn your artwork over
    Carefully position the mount in place over your picture
    Gently press the mount onto your image
  4. Carefully turn over the now joined mount and artwork and place face down. Gently smooth the tape to ensure good adhesion.

    Smooth down the adhesive tape to ensure a good bond
  5. Now tear further 50mm strips of tape and affix crossways in the shape of a T as shown. Again smooth down for good adhesion. Your mounted print is now ready to be placed in the frame.

    Affix more tape in a T shape
    Your picture is mounted and ready to be framed

Fitting your print

  1. Place your frame face down on a clean flat surface.

  2. Twist the swivel clips and remove the backboard of the frame, the pulpboard and the facepaper inside.

    Twist open the swivel clips on your frame
  3. Make sure your perspex is spotless, and wipe off any smudges with a non-streak glass cleaner and cloth.

    Wipe down your perspex with a soft cloth if necessary
  4. Once your perspex is completely dry put it back into the frame. Next, insert the print or mounted print face down inside the frame.

    Place your perspex and your image face down into the frame
  5. Place your pulpboard back into the frame.

    Place your pulpboard back into the frame
  6. Carefully place the backing board back in the frame and twist the swivel clips to secure your print in its place.

  7. Your frame is supplied with a length of hanging-cord, with a loop at one end. Pass the cord through the D-rings and thread the free end through the loop and pull tight.

    Loop the supplied cord through the D-rings
    Thread through both rings
    Pull the threaded cord tight
  8. Secure with 3 to 5 thumb knots (also known as overhand knots) as shown. You can cut off lots of excess string. Check that the cord is secure before hanging.

    Tie off the thread with thumb knots

Ta da! You're ready to hang. Read our guide on how to hang a frame.

Your framed picture is ready to hang!