What are rare and limited prints?

Our rare and limited edition prints and posters date from 1950 to the present day. They vary in provenance, from historic exhibition posters to hand-printed silkscreens.

Framed rare poster, L'Atelier de Braque, 1961, Georges Braque

Rare Posters

Many of the Rare and Limited posters in our archive were originally produced in low numbers, and are now out of print. These factors enhance both their quality and value. The condition of each poster will vary depending upon how it has been stored. Whilst some may have been stored archivally and remain in virtually mint condition, others may show light signs of age due to their unique history.

Our collection of Rare Posters includes original stone lithographs from the prestigious Galerie Mourlot in Paris, a selection of original twentieth-century Rare Theatre Posters from renowned London theatres including the Roundhouse and the Globe, as well as Rare Cinema Collection showcasing critically-acclaimed films.

Basquiat is Coming, Rare Film Poster

Limited Edition prints

Our Limited Edition prints by contemporary artists are expertly made by artisan printers using giclée, lithographic or silkscreen techniques. All of our Limited Editions are printed in our state-of-the-art Sussex workshop.

These exclusive prints are then signed and numbered by the artist. With edition sizes as small as 30 prints, they are highly collectible. Explore our range of Limited Edition prints.

Lost Gardens (Emerald) Limited Edition print by Hormazd Narielwalla

Special Edition prints

Our Special Edition prints are published in collaboration with artists, artist collectives and artists estates. Special editions are often hand embossed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

They are not signed or numbered however some are produced in a limited run of just 250 prints. Find out more Special Edition prints.

Special Editions by Patrick Caulfield

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