How to choose a frame

A good quality frame protects your artwork, preserving it for many years to come. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you chose the perfect finish.

Black stained ash

If you like to see the grain of the wood, our hand-stained ash frames have a beautiful artisan touch. They look great paired with a Modern master or Vintage poster. We stain our responsibly-sourced solid ash frames and hand polish them with coloured wax which creates a deep lustre.

Natural oak

A natural oak frame is a classic and tasteful choice that works particularly well with paintings by museum masters in our Museums and Archives collection.

Oak also provides a beautiful surrounding for bright contemporary prints, giving modern pieces a timeless appeal. A finishing wax is applied by hand, creating a satin finish that emphasises the character of the timber.

Grey ash

Our cool grey ash frame is always a popular choice amongst interior designers as it understated and smart. This versatile tone works with many colour palettes and is the best choice if you want a contemporary look and subtle frame. Grey paint and sealing wax are applied and finished by hand.

Satin Black

Our responsibly sourced, solid wood black frame is sleek and stylish – a classic choice for Photography and Graphic art prints.

White satin

Our responsibly sourced, solid wood satin frame offers a minimalist look that is perfect for Contemporary art, Photography and prints with a neutral colour palette. The smooth white satin finish is applied by hand in our workshops.

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