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A day in our design room


Take an exclusive look at a day in our design room through a journal of behind-the-scenes photography, taken by the King & McGaw publishing team whilst they worked on our Autumn collection. From selecting the perfect images, to restoring, colour matching and even hand-stamping our limited edition certificates, the team are involved every step of the way.

The new collection includes rare Picasso Lithograph's, Special and Limited Editions from award-winning artists, and posters from our best selling museum artists. At King & McGaw, each print is the product of an inspired collaboration with an artist or museum.

From the artist's studio... our workshop... to your home.

"We are happy to share these photographs taken through the Summer in the design room of our Sussex workshop, as we worked on the new Autumn publishing. Despite the challenges we faced through lockdown, not being able to have the team together, and having to ship proofs back and forth to artists, we are really proud of the unique collection of Limited Edition prints and posters that have just launched on the site. We have a passionate and talented group of people who share a love for what they do here, and in turn are trusted by our artist and museum partners to develop truly beautiful product for our customers homes."

- Tracey Gilmour, Creative Director at King & McGaw

Our Rare and Limited Edition conservation drawers.

Hand-tearing the edges of Nikoleta Sekulovic Special Editions.

Hand-cutting gold details for the Hormazd Narielwalla Paper Dolls collection.

Embossing our Editions stamp onto a Ivon Hitchens Special Edition.

Colour proofing Stephen Doherty Limited Editions in the light box.

Artist, Hormazd Narielwella's signature on his latest Limited Editions, 'Dancing Blocks'.

Sir Howard Hodgkin 'Over to You' Limited Editions and just-signed certificates of authenticity.

Ivon Hitchen certificates of authenticity being hand-stamped.

Colour proofing Fiona Rae Special Editions.

King & McGaw design room, at our East Sussex HQ.

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